Deputy Minister Statovci – Demaj on the occasion of 7th March visited the school “Meto Bajraktari” in Prishtina

March 7, 2016

Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mrs. Anila Statovci-Demaj, on the occasion of 7th March – Teacher’s Day has visited the LSPSch “Meto Bajraktari” in Prishtina has congratulated teachers of this school and all over Kosova. 

Deputy Minister Statovci-Demaj has highly assessed the role and contribution of Albanian teachers in different periods, by saying that teacher’s profession is holy and more than occupation, it’s a call where not everyone can do it.  

Deputy Minister Statovci Demaj, on this occasion said that we are blessed that always had our teachers, who have kept alive education at any time, creation of personalities with certain character and identity, who then continued with causes that we have all spent together. 

“Our teachers are those that have kept alive in continuity our identity, those that have contributed directly to exist as a cultural, national identity and have helped so that many generations to take the first step and then continue a life onward”, was expressed Deputy Minister Statovci – Demaj. 

Among others, Deputy Minister Statovci-Demaj said that, each generation has its successful people, but teacher remains the core. “Teachers are real heroes for its period and the rest of us should be humbly grateful and we are trying to accomplish this in every way, in functions where we are”, she said, meanwhile spoke about the ongoing commitment of the Ministry of Education to fulfil institutional obligations towards teachers, while considering this act as direct investment in our generations. 
While, Valbona Kastrati, director LSPSch “Meto Bajraktari” in Prishtina, assessed the fact that the work and dedication of teachers remains the same regardless conditions and position in which they are found.

“It’s a positive element that morality for the teachers’ work does not fall ever, perhaps because as profession that we have chosen, I consider that we have close to ourselves a holy mission”, she said. 

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