Was inaugurated the Secondary Higher School of Medicine in Prizren

October 6, 2016

Chairman of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosova, Mr. Kadri Veseli, Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami and the Mayor of Prizren, z. Ramadan Muja, inaugurated the new building of the Secondary High School “Luciano Motroni” in Prizren.

The Parliament Speaker Veseli, at the inauguration ceremony of the school, invited students and teachers to work as much as they can, so that this school in the future to come up with even better results, meanwhile, has said that the institutions of Republic of Kosova are obliged to establish the most appropriate environment for teaching and learning.

Meanwhile, Minister Bajrami said that promotion of ethnic diversity makes this school model not only for Kosova, but also beyond. “This school is model not only for Kosova but also for the region. A school that promotes ethnic diversity, because here are students of Bosnian community and Turkish community. Kosova is best Balkan model for integration of communities, was expressed Minister Bajrami. 

Among others, Minister Bajrami has stressed that Government of Kosova is dedicated to invest in building modern school facilities, comparable with those of European states. “We are extraordinary proud that in Kosova we are inaugurating modern schools. Such school you’ll find in Paris, Vienna and each European country. Kosova is moving forward and we are determined to build a qualitative system in education”, has said Minister Bajrami. 

Minister Bajrami has also spoken for determination of the country’s institutions to create a qualitative education, while added that Kosova has modern teachers and intelligent student, who deserve such an education system.      

The object of the Secondary School of Medicine has an area of 6,318.90 m² and has cost around 2 million euro. This school has physical education hall, outdoor sports grounds, green spaces, 20 teaching rooms, 8 cabinets, 4 laboratories, teachers’ hall, administrative alcoves, library alcove with reading spaces, alcove of psychologist, school doctor, personnel, and other supporting spaces. 

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