The results of the Matura Test 2018 are published, passing rate 73.3 percent

June 21, 2018

The State Matura Commission (SMC) held today a press conference where the results of the State Matura 2018 were published, according to which this year the passing rate has reached 73.3 percent.

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Shyqiri Bytyqi on this occasion wished success to all graduates for their enrolment, in the courses they are determined, while stressing that this year has been successful in terms of the progress of the test and the achieving real results.

“From the results we have, passability in the first part of the Matura Test 2018 is 73.3 percent. We have a higher achievement scale in the Albanian language test. In Bosnian language, passability is 88.7 percent, while in Turkish language is 56.6 percent”, said Minister Bytyqi.

Minister Bytyqi after thanking the State Matura Commission, MEDs, school directors, commissioners, administrators and all others who have contributed to the test process performance, has emphasized that Matura Test 2018 has come up with real results and these data serve to take the necessary steps for quality increase.

Minister Bytyqi said that there has been success in the test progress despite attempts to break the image of the Matura Test, and has announced that the SMC will be gathered next week and will set the date when the second part of the test will be held.

From the Matura Testing process 2018, due to violations that were recorded, the test for 87 students was cancelled, and due to violations of the MEST decisions, 8 administrators have been removed from the administration process.

This year, graduates will be provided with a new certificate, which will be provided free of charge by the Ministry of Education.

Last modified: September 8, 2022

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