The new school facility “Ganimete Tërbeshi” was inaugurated in Astrazup of Malisheva

October 11, 2017

Deputy Prime Minister of Kosova, Fatmir Limaj, Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Shyqiri Bytyqi and Mayor of Malisheva, Ragip Begaj, have inaugurated the new facility of the lower secondary school “Ganimete Tërbeshi” in Astrazup of Malisheva.

On this occasion, Minister Bytyqi congratulated the students, teachers and the whole community for the new school building, which offers modern space and conditions.

Minister Bytyqi congratulated the municipal leadership for its commitment to expand the new school spaces, which has created conditions for the provision of quality education, which is a prerequisite for all other successes.

“I believe that this new school, which offers extremely good conditions for the children of this village, will contribute more and more to the village progressing, so that the municipality of Malisheva to have the most prepared staff from this generation for our city and our country in general, “said Minister Bytyqi.

Further, Minister Bytyqi emphasized that it is the obligation and the responsibility of all, and in particular the teachers, and to put into service the quality enhancement of teaching and learning into these modern facilities.

The “Ganimete Tërbeshi” school has been in operation since 1946 and currently has about 400 pupils whose education and training are attended by 30 teachers. 

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