The foundation stone of the lower secondary school “Qamil Iljazi” is placed in Old Kaçanik

April 27, 2017

The Parliament Speaker of the Republic of Kosova Kadri Veseli and Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Arsim Bajrami have placed the foundation stone of the lower secondary school “Qamil Iljazi” in the village of Old Kaçanik.

Minister Bajrami after congratulated students and teachers stressed that the decision to build the school was, when they had a visit six months ago in the old building of the school. 
Minister Bajrami said that he is satisfied with the establishment of this foundation stone, a school that will provide conditions for modern teaching. 

“Improvement of infrastructure conditions is only half of the work for quality improvement, the other half of the work remains to us teachers to fulfil this national obligation, which the Government of Kosova has given priority “, said the Minister.

Whereas, the Parliament Speaker of Kosova, Kadri Veseli said that with the construction of this school we opened new perspectives for the upbringing and education of students. Mr. Veseli also urged the students to be zealous, to learn and to be trained for life and after being functional to maintain the school building. 

The participants were greeted by the mayor of Kaçanik, Mr. Besim Ilazi, who thanked the Government of Kosova for the investments they are doing in this municipality. 
Otherwise, there are more than 470 students attending this school, with who work around 30 teachers. 

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