The conference was held “Road Safety Audit and Traffic Accident Reduction”

January 24, 2018

Advisor to the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Fehmi Hysenaj participated in the Fifth International Conference “Road Safety Audit and Traffic Accident Reduction”, where was discussed the importance of periodic road network monitoring so that the number of road accidents is kept to a minimum.

Initially, Senior Political Adviser-Chief of Cabinet, Fehmi Hysenaj also welcomed the participants on behalf of the Minister of Education Shyqiri Bytyqi and congratulated the organizers: College “Tempulli”  and the Motorist Association of Kosova for this international conference, which aims to be traditional.  

Mr. Hysenaj was focused on the issue of increasing the cooperation of stakeholders in this field, such as: Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Internal Affairs, MEST and Kosova Police, where in support of this cooperation to be established inter-ministerial working groups, in order to raise awareness of the role of road safety in general, to contribute to the reduction of traffic accidents. It was also mentioned the role of civil society and the media that is obviously huge. 

“MEST in the framework of its priorities has the advancement of professional practice for specific directions and also has the readiness to prepare curricula for more specific professions of this nature. The participation of countries from the region and Europe gives another dimension to this event and I wish this conference to achieve all the foreseen objectives”, was expressed Adviser Hysenaj.

The conference “Road Safety Audit and Traffic Accident Reduction” was organized by the College of Applied Technical Sciences “Tempulli”, The Road Safety and Research Institute for Transport and Kosovo Motorism Association “AMRKS”, with the support of partners of the Kosova Road Safety Forum.

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