Minister Bytyqi attended the Conference on Strengthening the National Contact Points System in Kosova

March 13, 2018

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Shyqiri Bytyqi participated in a conference where the existing practices regarding Kosova’s participation in H2020 were unfolded, in which case the new regulation on strengthening the National Contact Points System (NCP) in Kosovo, namely the increase and utilization of funds under platform H2020 was unfolded.

Minister Bytyqi highly appreciated the importance of this conference regarding the advancement of our universities in the field of research and scientific research, while stressed that the Ministry of Education, in accordance with its responsibilities, is engaged in the reform of higher education in Kosova.

“By the fact itself that the Bologna process is referring to new synergies between teaching and the research part, this makes us take steps in line with the requirements arising from the Bologna Process. MEST is constantly working to have an infrastructure and a legal basis that will help us in this process”, said Minister Bytyqi.

Minister Bytyqi announced that, within the changes expected to take place in the Law on Higher Education, which is being replicated, it is envisaged to expand the space which guarantees opportunities for research development.

Minister Bytyqi also emphasized that the HERAS Project is one of the main projects and is working closely with the Ministry of Education to advance the research process and increase the access to large funds that the European Union is ready to give it to the developments in this area.

Gernot Pfandler, Austrian Ambassador to Kosova, said that the HERAS project helps Kosova not only in improving the education sector but also in raising the standard of living in Kosova.
This activity was realized within the HERAS project, in cooperation with MEST. 

Last modified: September 8, 2022

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