Minister Bajrami visited the school “Iliria” at the beginning of the second semester of the school year 2016/2017

January 16, 2017

On the occasion of the beginning of the second semester of academic year 2016/2017, Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami, accompanied by the director of the Municipal Education Directorate in Pristina, Mrs. Arberie Nagavci visited the primary and secondary lower school “Iliria” in Prishtina.

Minister Bajrami on this occasion pointed out that, in all schools of the Republic of Kosova today has begun the second semester by one week later and the Ministry of Education will make the compensation plan of the delay due to the climate conditions and risks of flu. 
Minister Bajrami has appreciated very important the beginning of this semester, in terms of general mobilization of schools, teachers, students and principals to raise quality. 

Speaking also to increase salaries for teachers dedicated to raising the quality of education, Minister Bajrami said that these days will also establish a stimulation system of teachers through salaries. “The Ministry of Education will make a new financing concept, where teachers by their performance will be stimulated with salaries. There will be no reduction in salary or status of teachers, but the Ministry will work to have wage increases in proportion to increasing the quality of the education system”, said the Minister.

Minister Bajrami also said that MEST will work together with the Municipal Education Directorates, in order to offer the necessary support in building a system, where the selection of teachers and school principals will be done through professional criteria, as well as factoring of parents in building a quality education system.

While Mrs. Arbërie Nagavci, Director of Education in Prishtina said that the municipality of Prishtina has started with lessons in all schools and that during the holiday period is established the municipal team for quality assurance. 

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