Minister Bajrami visited the “Model” school, on the occasion of March 7th – Teachers Day

March 7, 2017

On the occasion of the 7th March – Teachers Day, Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami with associates visited s.h.l.sch. “MODEL” in Prishtina, where has conveyed the message of congratulation to all teachers of the Republic of Kosova, by highly assessing their role and contribution to the education of generations, in different periods.

Minister Bajrami on this occasion said that MEST will provide support for each teacher, in order to be advanced even further and based on performance at work be also stimulated by higher wages.

Speaking about the importance of marking of this holiday, Minister Bajrami said that all teachers of Kosovo must be dedicated in providing qualitative education for our students. 

 “Teacher’s Day, is a moment of remembrance for the role and sacrifice  that teachers have given in the education of young generations, and also a moment of mobilization for us teachers, in order to work with lot of love with our students. Am pleased of the fact that children told me that they love their teacher, as much as their parents because the teacher is also a parent and the guardian of the children”, said the Minister.

Minister Bajrami spoke about modern teaching conditions which are offered in “Model” school of the capital city, while added that, MEST is working, not only this school but all schools in Kosova to provide warmth and modern conditions for students. 

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