Minister Bajrami took part at the award allocation “Dr. Honorius Causa” for Mrs. Roze Mari DiCarlo from University of Peja

May 29, 2015

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami took part at the ceremony of title award “Dr. Honorius Causa”, t o the American Ambassador in the United Nation Organization, Mrs. Roze Mari DiCarlo, by the University “Haxhi Zeka” in Peja.

On this occasion, minister Bajrami among others said that with this honorific and meritorious award for the great lady, the Ambassador Roze Mari DiCarlo, city of Peja and University “Haxhi Zeka”, honours the joint and brotherhood journey of the American and Albanian people toward achievements of our age-long dreams.

“This is a moment to thank and to honour for a common journey for over two decades, a path and a dream, which would have been impossible without strong support of the people and American state, journey that made possible the construction of the state, institutions and our universities, journey that enabled the construction of our freedom-loving ideals”, said minister Bajrami.

Speaking on the USA contribution for independence of Kosova, said that in most difficult moments, when we where hopeless, support of the people and American state made us to revive the hopes and build our future, therefore we will be forever thankful.

Ongoing, minister Bajrami, in special manner reminded the contribution of the state secretary Mrs. Madeleine Albright and the former president of USA, Mr. Bill Clinton in Kosova’s state-building processes.

Finally, minister Bajrami said that we have 7 years already since we founded our state, which is a success story for the international community, while the role of Mrs. Mari DiCarlo, in this process is remarkable, therefore it will forever remain in the memory of our state and people.

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