Minister Bajrami supported establishment of the Academy of Entrepreneurship

March 1, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami took part at the conference for media, organized from Kosova Chamber of Commerce, upon the establishment of Academy of Entrepreneurship, where were present Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Arben Abrashi and representative of the Artisan Chamber of Dortmund. 

Minister Bajrami, on this occasion said that he is supporter of the introduction of projects of entrepreneurship spirit in Kosova, because this will help a lot in changing mentality to our youth, to whom will give support in order to be successful entrepreneurs and businessmen.

“We are committed that within our school programs, to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, spirit of business in our youth, to be successful and this will be done at an early age. We are working to have qualitative education, which will ensure employment”, said Minister Bajrami. 

We, said Minister Bajrami want to create skilled professionals, with competences and skills, to be trained for work they will do and for this will provide good education programs.   

Minister Bajrami spoke for best practices of dual learning of vocational schools of Dortmund, for which said that it’s necessary to be applied in schools of Kosova. 
“We are working with commitment with our German partners and other European partners in the project “Adoption of educational system with labour market needs, and this project will enable that for the next 3 years, to orientate most of our professional schools in areas where they secure employment”, said Minister Bajrami. 

Speaking for the cooperation relevance with Kosova Chamber of Commerce, as strategic partner, Minister Bajrami among others said: “In cooperation with Kosova Chamber of Commerce, will work on creation of partnerships with associations and partners of KCC, which are very important in practical dimension of creation of skills and competencies of our youth”.

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