Minister Bajrami met with the Mayor of Ulqin and with the Albanian National Council of Montenegro

August 1, 2015

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami, on the second day of his visit to Montenegro, is hosted from Municipality Mayor of Ulqin, Mr. Fatmir Gjeka, while also met with members of the Albanian National Council of Montenegro.  

In both meetings was discussed about the education state in the Albanian language in Montenegro, the possibilities of cooperation to the benefit of the quality increase, as well as help that the Republic of Kosovo can give in this regard.

During this meeting with Municipality Mayor of Ulqin, minister Bajrami has confirmed readiness of the Government of Kosova and of the Ministry of Education to assist in advancing the education standards at all levels in Albanian language. “We have a full consensus with the Ministry of Education of Montenegro to work together in preservation of standards of Albanian language teaching, for increase the students’ number in Albanian schools on improvement quality of textbooks”. 

The minister has informed the Mayor of Ulqin also on opportunities that the MEST has provided for Albanian students of Montenegro. “No student from Montenegro will remain without access to universities of Kosova. I offered the opportunity that besides basic studies, to have students also in Master and PhD studies”. 

While, Mayor Gjeka has stressed the great need for support that Albanians of Montenegro have by MEST. He thanked minister Bajrami, for that is creating opportunities for the preparation of cadres, which are very necessary for Albanians. 

Even in the meeting with the Albanian National Council, minister Bajrami said that Government of Kosova will give the necessary assistance for Albanian language teaching in Montenegro, as it is doing also in the Presheva Valley.   

On this occasion, minister Bajrami called all school principals and teachers of Albanian language teaching to use the opportunity for Master studies in six programs of the Faculty of Education, so that the Albanian school to have prepared teachers and principals, and which will raise quality in education. 

Also, minister Bajrami and members of the Council are agreed on the texts issues.”We will help with texts. We agreed that our cooperation goes beyond the ABC-book”, said minister Bajrami. 

The Council chairman, Mr. Genc Nimanbegu, said that minister Bajrami has given much good news for Albanian parents in Montenegro, for pupils and students and was expressed certain that cooperation will give good results in the future.     

All issues that are discussed during the two-day meetings that minister Bajrami has had in Montenegro regarding the education in Albanian language, will get concretized by a Cooperation Agreement expected to be signed between the two states.

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