Minister Bajrami is visiting several schools during the Matura exam

June 6, 2015

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami, is making visits to several testing centres, to watch closely how is going the process of keeping the State Matura exam, which this year is subject of about 33 thousand high school students.

Minister Bajrami initially has visited students, who are being tested at the Secondary School of Medicine “Dr. Ali Sokoli” in Prishtina, while said that proper measures are taken for a successful administration of this test. “All officials that are engaged are completely ready to assist students, in order the test to go smoothly. We are very pleased that students have responded to this test”, said minister Bajrami.

The minister stressed that at the school “Dr. Ali Sokoli” we saw discipline and order, but we also saw something which was absent earlier: “The minority communities have responded to the Matura test and we visited also a multiethnic class”.

“The graduation test is a maturity test of students and the Ministry of Education will get the real results, which will be true indicator of the education condition and will help us to review the education policies, while always working to raise the standards of education quality”.

Minister Bajrami also stressed that all administrators have taken the necessary instructions, in order to avoid any tendency of mismanagement of the Matura exam process. “We, at 13:00 will receive reports and wherever we see that there have been violations, will take measures, but I hope that these measures will be small because we have an awareness of students and teachers for the progress of the graduation process”.

During the time of Matura exam, minister Bajrami will also visit students which are being tested in school “Shaban Jashari”, in Skenderaj, in school “Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu” in Drenas and in school “Adem Gllavica” in Lipjan.

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