MEST establishes the Student Union of the Republic of Kosova

April 18, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami took part at the opening proceedings of inaugural meeting for the establishment of the Student Union of the Republic of Kosova (SURK).

Minister Bajrami has highly assessed the establishment act of this Union, as an important body of request articulation and students needs of public universities and private colleges of Kosova. 

Minister Bajrami said that coronation with success of SURK establishment, after a hard work of people who have led this process, marks a special day for universities, students and for the reformation of higher education in Kosova. 

“The establishment of the Student Union Assembly is a very important day that you to realize the role that you have in higher education, to be proactive, demanding and critical, because you deserve a lot more advanced teaching, respectable diploma and a higher education which provides employment, but also building lifelong career”, stressed Minister Bajrami.   

Minister Bajrami stressed that Kosova has the highest number of students compared with the total number of inhabitants and a youth-oriented towards aspirations to build successful careers. 

Among other things, Minister Bajrami said that MEST has supported the Tempus project, supported by the EU for the establishment of SURK, as the legitimate body for representation of student voice at the general level.

Minister Bajrami, talking about the possibilities of integrating higher education in the European spaces, said that MEST has managed to break the barriers that have existed between higher public and private education.

Professor Peter Eckl, at the University of Austria urged students who represent the Union not to get involved in political parties. 

“You can improve things for the better, but keep in mind that this body should not be involved in groups or political parties. This should be an independent body should work independently of the country’s best”, stressed professor Eckl.

At the inaugural session was also attended by Prof. Dr. Peter Eckl, main holder of this project (professor in University of Austria) and Mrs. Eve Luis, representative of the National Union of Scotland’s Student, who along with senior officials of MEST, representatives of WUS Kosova, helped constitutive progress of SURK.

MEST welcomes progress of the electoral process for establishment of leading bodies of this Union, simultaneously offers continuous support for its functioning. 

Last modified: September 1, 2022

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