MEST allocates annual awards “Scientist of the Year” and “Young scientist of the Year” 2016

January 31, 2017

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami has allocated annual awards “Scientist of the Year” 2016 for outstanding scientific research results during one year period for scientists Prof. Ass. Shukri Klinaku, and Prof. Ass. Kreshnik Hoti, and “Young Scientist of the Year” 2016 for results and high scientific research potentials for young scientists, Dr. Bujar Shabani and Dr. Haki Jashari.

Minister Bajrami, after highly appreciating the scientific research work of researchers has stressed that MEST has a tradition of several years on stimulating the researchers for the work and the annual achievements. 

“Our tradition of awarding this prize is a symbolic and gratitude for researchers who have done a good work during the year. MEST is working to raise funds in order to stimulate young researchers. We are working to internationalize these local achievements”, said the Minister. 

By congratulating the laureates, Minister Bajrami said that MEST has made a credible selection and is committed to support young researchers and their scientific research work, which will help in economic development of the country. Among other things, the Minister also spoke about the European perspective of these researchers, by noting that the EU has opened the door to benefit new funds, which must be accessed by Kosovar researchers. 

Chairwoman of the Scientific Council in MEST, Mrs. Myzafere Limani said that, is a special pleasure to address those who have really deserved this award. Scientific Council is making every effort to support those researchers, considering the fact that among them there are researchers who have equal results with international researchers.

While Prof. Ass. Shukri Klinaku said he hopes that the Scientific Council has praised the work of researchers and not their names, and thanked MEST for the support that is giving to the scientific research work.   

Otherwise, Prof. Ass., Shukri Klinaku is awarded the prize “Scientist of the year 2016” in the field of physics. Prof. Ass. Kreshnik Hoti, is awarded the prize “Scientist of the year 2016” from the field of medicine, while Dr. Haki Jashari and Dr. Bujar Shabani are beneficiaries of the price “Young Scientist of the year 2016”, also from the field of medicine.

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