Hungary offers 50 scholarships for Kosovar students

December 14, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami hosted today the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, Mr. Peter Szijjarto, with who has discussed on deepening the cooperation in education between two countries through promotion of mobility in higher education.

In this regard, Ministers Bajrami and Szijjarto have signed a program for scientific and education cooperation, according to which Hungarian state offers 50 scholarships for Kosovar students, from which 25 scholarships for Bachelor studies, 20 for Master studies and 5 for PhD studies. 

Minister Bajrami thanked the Government of Hungary and Minister Szijjarto on great support giving to our youth on the occasion of allocation of these scholarships, while said that this financial contribution will be reasoned with great work and bringing their experiences in Kosova. 

Minister Bajrami said that support of the Hungarian Government for higher education is a continuation of a collaboration as a great opportunity that our students to take advanced studies in Hungarian universities    

“The agreement that we signed means that in the next academic year, will send 25 students of BA level, 20 of MA level and 5 students of PhD level. Most students shall be in applicable fields, especially in the fields of agriculture, given that Hungary is a leading country in the European Union in terms of agricultural development, but also a leader in preparing cadres for agriculture”, said Minister Bajrami. 

Speaking about the agreement signed, Minister Bajrami also said that its signature is another step towards paving a permanent friendship that we have created between the two countries, for the common European future, where investment in students is the best investment made for the country. 

While the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, Mr. Peter Szijjártó said that within the agenda for the deepening of relations between Hungary and Western Balkan countries, a high priority is the development of bilateral relations between Kosova and Hungary
Hungarian Minister also assessed that the area of agriculture and technology are among the most important sectors for the development of the country, therefore we welcome Kosovar students as a contribution of Hungary in building democracy of your country

“Best base with which we can increase this cooperation is the contact between people, and this contact usually begins between young people begins. Therefore we have taken the decision to share 50 scholarships to students of Kosova, which are fully funded by the state of Hungary and we would like to continue this program for the long period”, said Minister Szijjártó 

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