Government of the Republic of Kosova adopt the Strategic Development Education Plan in Kosova 2017-2021

December 7, 2016

Today, in its regular meeting the Government of the Republic of Kosova, has adopted the most important strategic document of education area that determines clear path that education system will follow for the next five years.

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, during this year has developed a Strategic Plan for the Development of Education in Kosova 2017-2021, and reflects not only objectives and targets that we really pursue to achieve in all levels of education, which resulted from a comprehensive process for all stakeholders at the same time reflects the highest professional expertise in order to ensure an ambitious and feasible plan, but intends to give answers to current conditions and challenges which accompany educational system at all levels of responsibility 

As such, the Strategic Plan for the Development of Education in Kosova 2017-2021, is in line with the National Development Strategy and includes measures dealing with the increase of children’s participation in preschool and primary education, increasing qualification and preparation of teachers, improving the relevance of education provision for labour market requirements, as well as strengthening accountability mechanisms through teacher performance evaluation, inspection and external tests. 

Key pillars of this plan are: quality, inclusion and accounting

We are obliged to build an education system that provides quality because we want for Kosova to be a society that bases its development on knowledge, while its citizens possess the knowledge and skills to make them employable, both at home and abroad. Therefore, the plan foresees the implementation of competency-based curricula, to equip schools with information technology and means of concretizing, to improve the quality of textbooks and, above all, to improve the quality of teaching at all levels of the education system. 

Meanwhile, in higher education, strengthening quality assurance mechanisms, by applying with accuracy the accreditation criteria and procedures, but also by helping higher education institutions to meet quality standards. 

Therefore, this plan foresees that together with municipalities to build a system that provides functional accountability at all levels of the education system, including improvement of the school management, functionalization of the system for teacher licensing, evaluation of school performance and increasing the reliability of national tests, which are intended to evaluate the knowledge and skills of students.  

Adoption of the Strategic Plan for the Development of Education in Kosova 2017-2021, represents concrete action by the Government of Kosova, to give also answer to outcomes of International Assessment PISA 2015, which we presented yesterday, while during this month MEST will present an Action Plan for addressing the challenges of raising the level of quality, reflecting the results of this process. 

Strategic Plan for the Development of Education in Kosova 2017-2021, will be published and distributed to all stakeholders, to contribute to its implementation and making reality the vision that this plan contains. 

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