Deputy Minister Statovci Demaj hosted a group of the Austrian MPs

January 21, 2016

Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mrs. Anila Statovci Demaj and senior officials of MEST have held today a meeting with few Austrian MPs, led by Christoph Vavrik, and accompanied by Ambassador Gernot Pfandler, who these days are staying on a visit to Kosova.

During this meeting was discussed about the current condition in education, with special emphasis in higher education, quality and governance, and activity review of Austrian projects in the Kosova education sector.  

Initially, Deputy Minister Statovci Demaj has thanked the Austrian Government on continuous support about the education processes, and for creation of opportunities for our youth to be educated in Austrian universities and to achieve high scores in different areas.

Speaking about challenges, Deputy Minister Statovci Demaj said that main challenge is quality assurance in education, which is MEST’s primary goal during this governing mandate. She stressed that in this direction is started from the pre-university system and there teacher is key person, because he will ensure a proper teaching.

“But, now we are facing also with change of learning form in these global conditions and in this regard we are tending to bring innovation in digitalization of teaching and learning”, she said and spoke about some projects in this regard from which we already have first results, while mentioned also Matura digitalization.

Regarding university education, Deputy Minister Statovci Demaj mentioned the New Law on Higher Education, which is adopted from the Kosova Assembly and which has for purpose to ensure order and quality in this education level.

Deputy Minister also focused on vocational education and said that to this segment of education is given special attention.

While, the Austrian MP, Mr. Christoph Vavrik, said that its country is interested for developments in Kosova education sphere where with different project we have given our contribution.

„But, in education we can never say that we have done it all, always there is need and opportunity for innovation and changes coming as the need of development trends“, said Mr. Vavrik, who added that its country will continue to support even further the educational processes in Kosova. 

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