Deputy Minister Sahiti attended the inauguration of the renovation of the school “Jeronim de Rada”

November 29, 2017

Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Heset Sahiti attended the renovation ceremony of the Lower Secondary Primary School “Jeronim de Rada” in Ferizaj, where he praised the American government’s help in arranging school spaces and improving conditions during the teaching and learning process.

Deputy Minister Sahiti said that he feels good with his participation in this inauguration ceremony of the “Jeronim de Rada” school premises, which is in the process of creating better conditions in schools of the Republic of Kosova.

“Now we have a school with a pleasant environment and suitable for the development of the learning process. I wish that you, dear students, to learn as much as possible and to appreciate the history of our country, because by loving the book and the teachers, you will build a bright future for you and the generations to come”, said Deputy Minister Sahiti.

Deputy Minister Sahiti thanked the Office for Defense Cooperation of the US Embassy for the financial contribution to the renovation of this school and the continued readiness to assist in the realization of important projects in the field of education.

At the ceremony were present the Mayor of Ferizaj in charge, Muharrem Sfarqa and representatives of the US Embassy. In the framework of the Humanitarian Aid Program of the US Army Command for Europe, Office for Defense Cooperation of the US Embassy in Pristina has invested in the renovation of several schools of the Republic of Kosovo. Renovation of the school “Jeronim De Rada” in Ferizaj was completed in September this year.

Last modified: September 8, 2022

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