Minister Bytyqi hosted the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosova, Ramush Haradinaj

January 3, 2018

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Shyqiri Bytyqi hosted today in a meeting the Prime Minister of Kosova, Ramush Haradinaj, on which occasion discussed on current developments in the area of education, challenges and difficulties by which is faced this sector, with special emphasis preparations for the PISA test 2018.

Prime Minister Haradinaj and Minister Bytyqi said that the situation in education is not at a satisfactory level, at the same time highlighted the need for all stakeholders to reach the best results in the PISA 2018, which will be held at the end of April. 

Prime Minister Haradinaj said that the importance of the PISA Test should be taken seriously and for this a great part of the responsibility will have the mayors and the directors of the Municipal Directorates of Education. Prime Minister demanded overall engagement in preparations for PISA Test 2018 in order not to repeat the preliminary test results.

Meanwhile, Minister Bytyqi initially expressed his satisfaction for the visit of the Prime Minister Haradinaj on the first day of work in 2018 and said that this indicates that the Prime Minister and the Kosova government are paying great attention to education.

Minister Bytyqi said that we are committed to improve the situation in education gradually and safely, which would also provide opportunities for quality education for our young people.

Minister Bytyqi also assured Prime Minister Haradinaj that all responsibilities will be taken, that truly this time the results in the PISA Test will be better than those of 2015. 

“Within the many topics we discussed, we received the Prime Minister’s extraordinary support for the PISA test. We are working to be more prepared in this test that will take place at the end of April.

We informed the Prime Minister about the details of the PISA Commission and the overall commitments for dynamic work that will be done by this date”, was expresed Minister Bytyqi.

During the visit that Prime Minister Haradinaj made to the Ministry of Education, Minister Bytyqi revealed some of the priorities and objectives that he intends to accomplish during his mandate, for which he received the support of the Prime Minister, and was also discussed about the security issue in the schools of Kosova.

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