Minister Bajrami hosted vocational school students who will perform practice in Malta

June 2, 2017

Ministër of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami has hosted today in the meeting a group of students of vocational schools and of competence centres, who are selected to perform practice in Malta.

Minister Bajrami after congratulating the students in order to get excellent experience and to be committed to perform practice said that, we should be proud as a state that we have young and so intelligent people.

“It is my pleasure that we have been able to support these students to gain international experience in order to perform practice in a state of the European Union. I think we should be proud, as a state and family members of these intelligent students, who will have the opportunity to show their skills, to build experience and return to our country to contribute”, said the Minister.

Minister Bajrami also said that the Ministry of Education is obliged to give young people not only international experience, but also to create good conditions for education, similar to those of their peers in European countries.

The group of students who will stay in Malta is consisted of about 10 students, whose selection is made on the basis of the success shown in the education and the related sectors, so, the direction in which they completed schooling in Kosovo with the place where they will perform practice in Malta.

The financial aspect of student stay in Malta will be fully covered by the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

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