MEST marks the International Day of the Girls

October 11, 2016

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, has marked today the International Day of the Girls with various activities in few schools of the Republic of Kosova and in Business Company, which are managed from females.

Within activities is organized also the round table with topic “Strength of adolescent girl (girls): Vision for 2030”, in which have participated students from municipality of Decani and Junik. 

Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mrs. Anila Statovci – Demaj, on the occasion of opening the proceedings of this roundtable, among others said that in Kosova we are marking this day which is celebrated around the world, to prominent the role and importance of education, female’s education and her commitment in all spheres of life   

Deputy Minister said that upbringing and education, inclusion of the girl (females) in all areas of life in society is necessarily of exceptional importance, for a society that aims to be developed economic state. 

“The girl’s education is base of society development, on how the girl is developed and educated, depends also the development of the whole society”, said Mrs. Statovci. 

Deputy Minister Statovci Demaj also noted that girls should be educated by themselves, in order of her development and perspective and of the country’s development. 

“With the power of knowledge and professional development of girls we can achieve the desired goals as a society, while MEST has for assignment to care to provide education for all, regardless the attributes”, said among others Deputy Minister Anila Statovci Demaj. 
During the day, MEST officials and the selected students from schools of the Decani and Junik municipality have visited environments of “Nartel” hotel and Factory of milk processing “Magic ICE”, to look closely the work of these companies which are managed from females 

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