Science and Technology

Department of Science and Technology 

Department of Science and Technology is part of MEST which is responsible and has as a vision the execution of the policies of the Government of Kosova and MEST aiming to the creation of a good infrastructure, institutional and financial basis for the development of science, science researches as well as the encouraging the modern technology developments in Kosova economy. 

Another aspect of the activities of DST is the coordination of works with the science state and public bodies, like the National Science Council, Kosova Academy of Arts and Science, Independent Scientific Institutes, Public University and other public and private institutions which are dealing with the scientific research in the different fields. 

DST also has the following responsibilities: 

- It makes the allocation of means to the public providers for the researches with interest of the public within the general provisions of the effective law for the public financing of public services in Kosova;
- It plans and organizes the structure of the higher education and scientific institutions in Kosova, based on the economic and social needs in Kosova;
- It makes the professional control of the National Centers for Science, Technology and International Cooperation in the field of science, technology transfer and scientific researches;
- It's advised and coordinates the work with the higher education institutions in order to provide a useful cooperation for the relevant scientific issues;
- It observes the work and legal implementation in cooperation with the department of the inspection for the all higher education institutions in the field of science and technology development; 
- It initiates and develops the necessary procedures for the change of effective legislation and it even can propose new legislation and other sub legal acts;
- It helps in setting and cultivating the cooperation relationships with the sister scientific institutions in the country and abroad;
- It helps the Kosovo institutions of the higher education in the process of integration in the European Area research.

Based on the actual organization of our department it's divided into: 

- Division of Science and
- Division of Technology.

Within the activities of DST, from its beginning, its worth mentioning the activities dealing with the cooperation of the department with the Institute of Albanology, Institute of History as well as the Institute of Pedagogy, with the focus on the development of the scientific, research and managing activities of these institutions. The department also has developed the cooperation activities even with the National and University Library aiming the development of the library and spreading the book to the wide range of readers, and especially to the researchers and scientists. 

In the cooperation with the PPKA (Partnership Project Kosove- Austria), MEST has also managed to establish the Board of the Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer (CITT) which consists of 9 members, with Murteza Osdautaj as a chairperson of this Center. This board has drafted and approved the working regulation of CITT, it has organized a lot of meetings with external and internal experts, and in the beginning of July 2008, made a study visit in some of the universities and similar centers in Austria and Czech Republic with the aim to gain the experiences in managing and other activities of this field. 

DST continuously is trying to initiate the amendment and re-amendment of the Law for the Science and Research Activity, as well as in cooperation with the CITT board drafts a strategic national document for the developments in the field of innovations, patents and technology transfer. 

Scientific and Research Institutions, relating to DST are: 

- Institute of Albanology in Prishtina (The link of the Institute of Albanology)
- Kosova Institute of History
- Institute of Pedagogy
- National and University Library
- Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer (CITT)