Diaspora of the Republic of Kosova includes at least ¼ of its citizens. A large part of this migration consists of children and young people of compulsory education, most of who are born outside Kosova. In MEST of Kosova, since the year 2004, according to a special administrative instruction, is being developed a model of care/ institutional support of additional learning in native language, whose primary goals are:
a)       preserving and development of the national identity,
b)      easier integration into local society through the affirmation and development of national / cultural identity and
c)      Easier integration into society of the Fatherland, in case of return.
Are performed and continue to be performed acts of special interest, where are separated:
a)      Are identified the schools and similar forms of institutional organization(that are financed by the governments of countries where our Diaspora lives) or those of self-organization of civic culture (the self-financed, commercial or non-governmental donors) of additional learning in the Diaspora in various countries of the world;
b)      is established realistically the basic database for these schools and centers and forms of organization and their support together with the degree of involvement of students in it (actually it results to be involved around 30,000 female and male students in AT in Albanian language);
c)      Is designed Curricula of ASAT in Diaspora (2007), in making of which have participated subjects with a wide involvement;
d)      Is in the above process (together with the Higher Pedagogical School in Zurich and other Swiss donors) drafting of three basic texts of special learningfor working with these children and young people;  
e)      Was built and is developed model of realization of learning-cognitive excursions of students from Diaspora in Kosova and conversely (consistently are performed such activities);
f)       Was built and developed the model of continuous professional training (training) of tutoress and teachers, mostly through annual seminar which is developed at homeland (together with the Ministry of Education of Albania and other subjects), in which actively participate up to 120 tutoress and teachers;
g)      Are coordinated and carried out actions of special interest with subjects,institutions and different state regions and professional with interest of ASAT in Diaspora (meetings, receptions, conferences, visits, correspondence, various swaps, cooperation inside intercultural activities, models are required for summer schools in homeland during vacations etc..)
h)      In consistently, even under liabilities / provisions of the Law of Diaspora of the Republic of Kosovo (2010), will deepen the multilateral support of ASAT in Diaspora, specifically to increase the level of involvement, because that (school) already has been proven as the most stable and most successful form of care toward cultural identity / national of children and youth of our Diaspora.