Division of Technology

Division of Technology, within the Department of Science has as mission the completion of studies and development projects and knowledge transfer and technologies in the production practice of products and of service provision. The scope of this division is focused especially in the area of development and knowledge transfer and technology in general, of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education, and all other fields, important for economic and social development of the country. 

Tasks and objectives of this Division are:

  1. Creation of conditions for knowledge transfer of technology, and integration of Technology throughout the education system, 
  2. Provision of necessary equipments for work condition improvement of teaching, practical work and scientific researches in higher education institutions, and all instructive-educational institution in Kosova. 
  3. Equipment with infrastructure, necessary information technology and adequate software programs for quality increase of studies and for unobstructed access in the necessary literature inside and outside the country. 
  4. Helps in linking higher education institutes of the country with our experts in the world and planning, development and implementation of the distance learning programs, and programs for creation of teaching content. 
  5. Monitor and coordination of works for the EU projects, other donors dealing with integration of ICT, and e-learning, and cooperation with external and local experts, for materials development of the electronic contents for teaching and learning. 
  6. Cooperation in the field of ICT integration in primary education with project “Basic Education Program” that is funded by MEST and co-funded by USAID. 
  7. Is engaged in planning, coordination of works and will take part in compilation of relevant legal acts, and relevant policies in the field of knowledge and technology transfer.
  8. Adoption of a software system for information management and the electronic contents, and modification and digitalization of contents and adoption of teaching tools for e-learning