Division for European Integration

Division for European Integration is responsible for implementation of European integration process within MEST, coordination of the official assistance for international development and cooperation in the education area.
Main tasks and responsibilities:

- Coordination of activities with the Ministry of European Integration: timely to ensure the necessary information for the Dialogue of Stabilization Association Process, Progress Report, European Partnership Action Plan, approximation of MEST legislation with EU legislation etc.

- Synchronization of donors' work in the education area, which is determined by the Regulation for Donors Coordination and coordination of all projects, which development partners support with technical assistance and supply. As example of this coordination is Joint Fund on the Education Area (JFEA), which is supported by Austria (ADA) and Sweden (SIDA).

- International cooperation: supervision, coordination and management of international projects and programs: like CEEPUS (Program on Exchange of University Studies in the Central Europe), ACES (Academy of Central European Schools), monitoring of use of the EU programs and instruments (IPA, Twinning, TAIEX, IPF, FP7, TEMPUS, ERASMUS etc; implementation of bilateral agreement with Sheffield University (City College), cooperation with UNESCO, coordination of visits of MEST officials outside the state.
Number of employees in the Division for European Integration is three (3)