Division for general education

Division of general education
Duties of the general education division are to coordinate the works for planning, analysis, supervision for all levels of pre-university – general education (I, II and III). 

  1. Implementation of policies of the Department for Pre-university education policies in its field of responsibility, as detailed in the Law on Education of the Republic of Kosova that is in force.
  2. Development of an inclusive policy for different activities that are in harmony with MEST policies on pre-university education. 
  3. Planning and implementation of new programs for the three education levels, teachers training and in general education system reformation. 
  4. Coordination of works on primary issues of the MEST policy, with all DPE divisions. 
  5. Cooperation with leading agencies and other partner organizations of MEST (domestic and international) in implementation of different programs on education promotion. 
  6. Consultation on rules of professional knowledge and encourages the connection of educational institutions within and outside Kosova.
  7. Plans, organizes and reports on implementation of activities within the Division of the General Education. 
  8. Works on preparation of administrative guidelines and standards that deal with pre-university education. 
  9. Takes initiatives for programs and projects, which will affect the increase of the education quality, in cooperation with schools, municipalities and organizations working in the field of education. 
  • The overall objective of the general education is to provide inclusive and equal approach for all students in qualitative and non-discriminatory education during education in pre-university level and encouragement of lifelong learning.  

Some of the more specific objectives are: 

  • Providing education quality,
  • Inclusion in education, equality and respect of diversity in education,
  • Improvement of governance and qualitative management in schools. 
  • Creation of safe and healthy environment in school. 
  • Decentralization of responsibilities at the municipality level and school level, etc.  


  • The work of this Division and of the entire institution is focused on changing the concept of education in Kosova, by trying to move with the new generated trends in the country and beyond.
  • The aim of this division is improvement of quality level according to standards and to establish close links between high secondary education and labor market


This division includes:

  • Level 1:  Primary education that lasts five years (1-5) 
  • Level 2: Higher secondary education (gymnasiums) that lasts three years (10-12)
  • Cooperation with MED, parents, students and teachers 
  • Health Promoting Schools and 
  • Equivalence and recognition of pre-university education documents  

Implements MEST policies for qualitative education in the second level of education (1-5) 
Implementation of MEST policies for qualitative education in the second level of education (6-9)
The quality assurance of higher secondary education, and the increase of students' inclusion at this level of education


Strengthening cooperation between parents and teachers at school and this cooperation in the service of teaching quality
Within MEST policies is also construction of partnership school – family, so that the students, parents and teachers interests be represented in most democratic manner and through joint efforts to improve the quality in education. 
Coordination of activities and policy development in education and health promotion, between all administrative and territorial levels, the coordination of inter-ministerial committee for the health promoting schools program, implementation and ensuring sustainability of projects that aim to promote health in schools, in cooperation with inter-ministerial committee, monitoring the progress of health promoting schools, and organization of review meetings for MEST, MH and MESP. 

Coordinates, plans and leads the verification work of the pre-university education documents

Besides the above mentioned goals, general education has these common goals: Development of knowledge on human rights and strategies for their protection as well as necessary skills for their implementation in practice.
Building the sense of respect and engagement toward basic principles of democracy and civilized society, in particular manner the civic responsibility, the interdependence, the equality, the social justice and the rule of law. 
Growth and awareness development of the peace importance, peaceful solutions of disagreements and conflicts, on need importance for active tolerance, cooperation and solidarity between humans.    
The awareness development for the nature interdependence and human world and understanding the multiple dimensions of the world and life in their entirety.