The Achievement Test for ninth grades was held

18 May 2018

The Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Shyqiri Bytyri, on the occasion of the Achievement Test, visited the Primary School "Elena Gjika" in Prishtina. The Achievement Tests were subjected to about 27,000 students across Kosova who started testing at 10:00.

Minister of Education, Shyqyri Bytyqi, congratulated the Division for Evaluation, Standards and Monitoring and Municipal Education Directorates for the appropriate preparations for the students to undergo the Achievement Tests, which among others aims at verifying the state of education.

 “The purpose of measuring achievement is not only to measure the achievement, but also to verify the situation and take measures to increase the quality. The preparations have gone well. We are interested in real results. We are all interested that in our classes the teacher to add responsibility because the teacher is not only an employee, but is even beyond that", said Minister Bytyqi.

Meanwhile, the director of the Municipal Directorate of Education in Pristina, Jonuz Salihaj said that the external assessment for the ninth grade students is very important and that expects good results at the end of this process.

The Accountability Test is organized in 108 testing centers and is intended to orient the students for further education. The achievement test contains 100 questions from subjects of Albanian language, mathematics, English language, chemistry, physics, geography, history, computing.