Technical Assistance to MEST (ESPF) Kosovo Project

14 August 2015

Project Objective: To strengthen the management capacity of Kosovo’s education sector, particularly at the level senior management of the MEST and MEDs, and to ensure the transfer of modern and state-of-art management competencies and skills into the daily work routines thus ensuring efficient functioning of its administrations and improved decision-making processes and leading to improved quality of education outcomes.
Specific objectives:
Improved MEST’s capacity to strategically steer, design, approve policy priorities within the education sector, allocate funds accordingly and implement and report on the ongoing progress in line with sector needs, such as those identified by the KESP, and internationally compatible standards and recognized practice.
MEST’s organizational and key management systems are fully aligned with the legislative requirements and serve efficiently and effectively towards achieving the education sector policy objectives as defined in the KESP. In particular, the MEST has put in place modern and state-of-the-art systems for the administrative organization, HRM & HRD as well as financial management and control.
MEST’s senior management has a vision of the sector development and is strongly committed to improve its performance, while the staff throughout the organization is capable to deliver this vision efficiently and effectively by implementing the respective policies, legislation, budgets with adequate activities. Increased level of knowledge and skills of the MEST management and staff to use the improved management tools (IPS, MTEF, financial management and control, HR, TNA and HRD, performance appraisal, communication and related skills (as in Talk-On)).

The Project is implemented by a consortium led by CPM Consulting Latvia, and with the participation of Strategy & Development Consulting, from Kosovo,  Ecorys from Netherlands  and Agentura Attistibas Izglitibas Valsts, also from Latvia.