Minister Bytyqi: The government will support institutions offering profiled programs in harmony with the labor market

16 August 2018

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Shyqyri Bytyqi participated in the ceremony of signing the agreement for launching the programs of the London University, with academic direction from the London School of Economics at Riinvest College, where was also present the Ambassador of the Great Britain Ruairi O'Connell.

With this agreement, to students of certain programs of the Riinvest College are enabled to obtain a valid diploma from the University of London after the successful completion of the studies.

On this occasion, Minister Bytyqi on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Kosova, has welcomed the signing of this Agreement as a good opportunity for our students to gain knowledge from the innovative European level programs being offered in Kosova.

“MEST welcomes such cooperation between Kosova's higher education institutions and prestigious institutions of international education. The Ministry of Education always promotes the internationalization of education in Kosova and I consider that this Agreement to be the best way to raise the value of higher education in Kosova", said Minister Bytyqi.

Minister Bytyqi further said that this Agreement and similar ones, with international institutions, will open the possibility for higher education institutions and our students to be competitive and professionally prepared for the international labor market.

In addition, Minister Bytyqi emphasized that the Kosovo Government expects that higher education providers of the Republic of Kosova to support Kosova's students to achieve high academic and professional results.

“We will always be at the side of educational institutions in our country that are committed into profiling their study programs, in order to be in harmony with the needs of the labor market. The very fact that they are 18 Nobel Prize winners who have studied in the LSE makes us all to be proud of signing this cooperation agreement", said minister Bytyqi at the end of congratulation speech.