Minister Bytyqi met with rectors of public universities

08 June 2018

The Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Shyqiri Bytyqi, held a meeting with rectors of public universities where he presented some important points of cooperation between the public universities of Kosova and those of Albania with interest for both countries which came out from the meeting with the Minister of Education of Albania that was held last month.

Minister Bytyqi spoke about the joint roundtable that is planned to be organized on June 10 in Prizren, where will be present the rectors of public universities, and among main topics of the meeting will be the mobility of professors for important programs, but who are at risk of being closed in the absence of staff, as well as for the possibility of increasing quotas for Kosovar students and vice versa for admission to advanced programs in the respective countries.

Another important topic of the June 10th meeting will be the close cooperation between the institutes, with the aim of harmonizing and functionalizing the two institutes and creating a joint body for the recognition of regulated professions between the two countries.

Also, in this meeting we discussed the organization of a summer traditional campus for students of all Albanian areas.