MEST marks June 1st - International Children's Day

04 June 2018

On the occasion of June 1st - International Children's Day, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) organized a conference on "Promoting peace through education”.

The Minister of Education, Science and Technology Shyqiri Bytyqi congratulated the children on this important day, ensuring that MEST and other educational institutions are engaged in providing peace and ensuring a quality upbringing and education for them.

Minister Bytyqi said that the commitment of the Ministry of Education in respecting children's rights is continuous, reflecting the creation of legislation and legal frameworks that protect and promote children's rights against international standards that are applied.

“With the integration and development of documentation, law and other documentation, we aim to really create conditions for our children to be properly educated and have a life and a good future in our country", said Minister Bytyqi.

Minister Bytyqi also talked about the inclusion of children's rights in the Kosova Education Strategic Plan 2017/2020, the RAE Strategy, the Rights Development Strategy and the creation of equal opportunities for children with special needs, and on prevention of early school dropouts and other important documents with the sole purpose of creating equal conditions for our children.

Among other things, Minister Bytyqi said that MEST is committed to the implementation of national human rights documents, in particular the rights of children, in close cooperation with international partners, who are also committed to the equal approach in education for all children.

In this conference were also present representatives of international organizations dealing with children's rights in Kosova, as well as representatives of civil society, who stressed the importance of early childhood investment and the provision of quality education for children.

The conference also presented the awareness campaign prepared by MEST on the importance of early childhood development, whereby the minister expressed his and the Ministry of Education dedication to provide equal opportunities for all children. In the end, Minister Bytyqi participated in the workshop of students, who through their artistic creativity have conveyed messages of peace to the world.