United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

  • Basic Education Program

    Basic Education Program is funded jointly from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and from the Government of Kosova. This program aims to improve the schools capacity of Kosova, to equip their students with XXI century skills. 
    The main purpose is improvement of institutional capacity of the Government of Kosova in the education sector and quality improvement of basic education. Kosova has need to modernize its education system, so that students to receive an education that leads toward employment. The Government of Kosova is addressing this challenge through a strategic plan for the education system 2011-2016, in particular decentralization of the authority toward schools and municipalities, new curricular framework and new system of teachers licensing. 
    USAID has identified main areas to support the efforts of the Government of Kosova in the education reform and to focus in main elements, which Kosova needs to build an education system for XXI century. When the program ends in 2016 will leave behind the important achievement on education system and the country’s future. During this period, in partnership with the Government of Kosova, Basic Education Program will contribute to the adherence of Kosova in European Union, achievement of superiority in education through reforms which have began now and will enable young people in gaining the necessary abilities, in order to have success in the global economy. USAID wants to be adapt the activities of Basic Education Program with its objectives for the education reform, and with global trends in education and with EU standards. Basic Education Program is implemented from FHI 360, in partnership with Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) and Kosova Education Centre (KEC).      

    Sub-Sector: APU
    Project value: 
    5.000.000 € (Government of Kosova)
    9,791,000 $ (USAID)
    The commencement date: August 2010
    The end date: July 2016

  • Transformational Leadership Program

    Scholarship program “Fast Track” is iniciated due to the urgent need for scholarship beneficiaries to start the master's program in the USA in the fall semester 2013; while Transformational Leadership Program is still in process. Since it was clear that the entire procurement process will not allow new researchers to begin semester in fall, USAID Kosova decided to sent a number of beneficiaries through different prices at the American Council. A total of five participants will leave this year to pursue master degrees in Economics and Rule of Law in the USA.    
    Sub-Sector: HE
    Project value in €: USD 28,000,000.00
    The commencement date: 15/04/2013
    The end date: 14/04/2019